I'm looking for musicians to play live shows with me. All genres, instruments, and persuasions welcome. No experience necessary… just gotta be able to fall into a groove and then move!

If you wanna join, please send a link of yourself jamming to one of my songs. The link doesn't have to be public and I won't share it with anyone (oh and you should be 13 years or older!).

If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ (here below) or email Luaka Bop.

Hope to hear from you!

& Luaka Bop

E-mail address:

Video Demo Link:
New York
Ace hotel (lobby)
September 27th, 6:30pm
In partnership with Brooklyn Music Factory
New Orleans
November 5th
Ace hotel (Three Keys)
Los Angeles
December 4th
Ace hotel (rooftop)
What’s going on here?

Doug’s original band was made up of a group of people who met through an evening class in San Fransisco, called “How To Form a Band”. They were all of various levels of skill, and the set-up varied for each song (some times there were two guitarists, another times added vibes players, etc). We thought it’d be a neat idea to take this workshop model as the basis for assembling new backing bands for Doug’s upcoming live show.

But I’ve never played in a band before!

That’s fine! All you’ll need to apply is to know your own way around a fretboard, keyboard, or a drum kit (or a triangle?) and some familiarity with Doug’s music. All skill levels are welcome to try out. Once we’ve picked out a backing crew...

How do I apply?

Simply provide us with a link to a video recording of you playing along to one of Doug’s songs. Instrumentation is up to you. We’ll be picking a new backing crew for each of his five live shows in the cities he’s got lined up and we’d love to have you involved in this project!

Is there anything else I should know?

It’s best if you live in any of the five cities where the shows are taking place.

How do I join?

We’re creating a live experience sourced locally from the communities that will be hosting the Doug Hream Blunt Experience. We aim to create a space where the love of music is valued over particular technical chops, enthusiasm over professionalism, and you’ll be shoulder to shoulder with other individuals who share the zeal for Doug's music and a desire to be involved in its live performance!

If you’re interested in being involved with the Doug Hream Blunt Experience when it comes to your town, send us a link to a video of you playing along to at least one of the following videos from this playlist. If chosen, you’ll be one of the few select fly guys involved in performing in the live show in your region!

Previous marquee performances at KALW studios for "City Visions" Public Access TV, for inspiration:
Caribbean Queen
Ride the Tiger

Any questions? Please feel free to write us at itsabrandnewdance@luakabop.com

Field Day Festival, London (Victoria Park)
1pm on Sat, June 11
Rehearsals will be taking place in London, the week before the show.